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March 31, 2009



March 31, 2009

Opening Night

March 31, 2009

A big thank you to everyone who was involved with Wednesday. It was a great success and a great day. A very big thanks to Michelle Browne, Sarah Brown, Sheena Barrott, Dublin City Council, all the tutors at NCAD and everyone involved on the day for all their help and support.

Photocall Monday

March 31, 2009

On Monday (23/03) we had a photoshoot to promote the Artificial Paradise project.

Artificial Paradise Liberties Regeneration Project

March 18, 2009

This public art exhibition will take place on Wednesday 25th of March 2009 in the Liberties area of Dublin.  These five art projects reflect the artist’s views and knowledge about the regeneration of the Liberties, where their college is situated.  The Artificial Paradise project tries to analyse how we approach each other and our surroundings in such a rapidly changing and evolving city-scape often in a whimsical and entertaining way.  Five third year NCAD students have made unique and engaging pieces of art reflecting their thoughts about this regeneration.  A wide range of research and experimentation has been undertaken by these students since the project began late in 2008.  The works presented include community interactions, sculptural performance, intervention and large-scale public constructions.

As third year sculpture/media students at the National College of Art and Design, the current focus of our work is to apply our ideas and interests to the public realm.  We are encouraged, through collaborative work, to access and connect with different cultural groups within the city.  Artists no longer have to use conventional materials to make their works.  ‘It is evident that today’s art is carrying on this fight, by coming up with perceptive, experimental, critical and participatory models.’ (Bourriaud, 1998)  We can step out of the studio, gallery or theatre space and use people, places and anything to draw inspiration.

This is the poster/catalogue for the exhibition.  These will be available at the opening at 5PM on Wednesday 25th of March in NCAD.  All welcome. 

Individual artist profiles can be viewed below.


March 18, 2009

This project has been widely reseached by Niamh Moriarty of third year sculpture NCAD through participatory projects, experiments and readings.  It looks at our relationship to animals in the urban environment and how the transience and development of the city can alter these relationships.  We use pets as mediums to talk to ourselves and to other people.  Niamh hopes to connect a sub-culture of pet owners through a mass ‘Pack Walk’ that will take place through the city from 6 o’clock on Wednesday.  Participants are very welcome as Niamh would like the pack to be as extensive as possible!


See below for a new poster about ‘Pack Walk’ and how to participate…

2. The Floating World

March 18, 2009

The ‘Floating World’ is an inter-active project by Emily Mc Farland.  The piece will take place on a boat on Wednesday evening.  Siobhan’s bus (details below) will make a stop to pick up participants and go to a secret location where spectators will be asked to look at the stars through telescopes.

3. City Membranes

March 18, 2009

This is a public light sculpture by Oonagh Comerford which will showcase the Liberties  local’s opinions about regeneration on brightly lit umbrellas.  It will be on display on Cork Street on Wednesday and Thursday.

4. Regeneration Tours

March 18, 2009

Siobhan Carroll will give the public a chance to voice their opinions on the regeneration of their neighborhood with her ‘Regeneration Tours’ bus which will leave from Cork Street at 7:30 on Wednesday and continue on the 77 bus route in the following weeks.

Siobhan can be contacted regarding this project via regenerationtours@gmail.com

5. Polyvinyl City

March 18, 2009

Hillary O’ Mahony’s large-scale public sculpture will be on display from 6-9PM on Wednesday and Thursday at the Ardee St and Cork St crossroads.